Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Website, Adobe Muse and other things

I've finally managed to get my portfolio website properly up and running! I made it using Adobe Muse which is a completely code free (and amazing) web design tool, which is free to download as a slightly basic beta here.

Go take a look: :)

In other news, we've been doing a few two day project/workshop things at uni over the past couple of weeks.  For the first workshop, we had to swap our research files with another student to pick two image out of. We then had to make an 8 A5 image narrative based on the images.
These are the pictures I was given; an portrait of Othniel Charles Marsh an image of Death playing some kind of heart-guitar by Russian illustrator Skirill.

I tried to keep the narrative in the images relatively loose, and was working digitally for a change.
Here's a selection of my images from the workshop:

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